Please find below frequestly asked questions about our products and services. Also you can find downloads of our brochures, manuals and PC software. If you miss anything please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Where can I get more information?

Professionals from the industry, business, government and science are welcome to show their interest via the contact function of this site.

Where can I buy the product?

Oxility is selling directly to end-customers and via selected distribution partners. Contact us for a quotation or a distributor in your region.

How accurate is the technology?

The technology is very accurate as each individual unit is calibrated against scientific measurement systems.

Independent comperative tests by the German institute IGF show that measurement results from an Oxility particle monitor correlate very well with SMPS results. Download the test report here.

How does the technology work?

Oxility devices rely on charging the ultrafine particles - often referred to as diffusion charging - and subsequently measuring a tiny current that results when the charged particles are caught in an electrically insulated filter section. This charge-based technology has the advantage that not only the number of particles can be measured, but also the average particle diameter as well as the lung deposited surface area and mass concentrations. Furthermore, Oxility devices don't require a working fluid or a nuclear source.

Detailed descriptions of the technology can be found on our publications page.

Do I need. to service the NanoTracer myself?

No, the Sensor and electronics of the NanoTracer do not need regular service by the user. All components are designed to have a lifetime of more than 10 yrs with typical usage. During a regular maintenance (every year) all components are checked to make sure that the NanoTracers is performing consistent and reliable.

I need to make measurements in homes, is the NanoTracer not very loud?

No, the NanoTracer is the most silent UFP sensor in the market. For dedicated applications even a special low noise version has been developed (more data see here). NanoTracers have been successfully used inside homes, offices, schools and even bedrooms where noise polutions would be not acceptable.

Can I export the measurement data?

Yes, the NanoTracer is both a measurement device and a data-logger. Up to xxx hrs of data can be stored in continuous mode, in intermittend mode the storage can be many years. Exporting the data is done via the support software NanoReporter (download here) and the standard USB interface on the device.

Is it difficult to operate the NanoTracer?

No, although the NanoTracers have many options for setting the measurement parameters, these can all be hidden from the end-user. The device only needs to be switched on to start measuring. Apart from the ease of use, this also reduces the risk of false setting of parameters by less qualified personel.

Is the NanoTracer able to be used outdoors?

Yes, the NanoTracer is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Be aware that due to the measurement principle the NanoTracer is not waterproof, and should be protected against direct moisture or fluid ingress. For more permanent installation outdoors please contact us for options to weatherproof the NanoTracer.

How long will a NanoTracer operate on one battery charge?

This is depending on the temperature and the settings of the device. In general we advice to charge the battery after 6 hrs of operation, but a full charge will last typically 8 hrs.

Is the measurement principle of the NanoTracer depending on orientation or motion?

No, the NanoTracer is able to measure in any orientation, both static and whilst in motion. Only make sure the inlet and the outlet of the sensor are not covered.

Do I need a consumable to operate the NanoTracer?

No, the NanoTracer does not need a fluid or other consumable to operate. Just charge the device and start measuring.