“A good analysis starts with good data, but good data alone does not make a good analysis”

We are happy to share our experience and tools to help you manage the opportunities and risks related to UFP and nanoparticles. Guided by a 4 step risk-based approach we systematically assess level and frequency of potential exposures.

Based on the outcome of the first (paper risk assessment) and second (personal monitoring of concentration and size distribution) steps we will propose either corrective or preventative measures, or suggest further analysis options to gather better understanding.

We are fortunate to be part of a network of equal-minded organizations in the field of UFP and nanoparticle research, allowing us to recommend the best available methodologies fitted to you specific situations.

If requested, we not only recommend the required measures, but also design quality processes and systems to monitor and warrant ongoing compliance. A well-implemented quality system will provide the...