Service and calibration

“A measurement device is only as good as its last calibration”

Air quality monitors are the workhorses in the measurement industry, enduring long hours with widely varying environments and handling.

NanoTracers have proven to stand up to this treatment. We have serviced devices with over 4000 hours of measurement service, and many of them look as good as if they came freshly from the manufacturing line.

To warrant this reliable operation, we recommend service once every year. In extreme cases (e.g. strongly polluted sites) the device will indicate earlier need for service based on the on-board diagnosis system.

Our service will include cleaning, updating, readjusting and calibration of all relevant parts and parameters. At your request, we can also use this moment to do an upgrade of the hardware or software. We are happy to report that we not only service our own devices, but also provide this maintenance and calibration support for the NanoTracers and NanoMonitors produced by the former Philips’ AeraSense activity.